Coming in 2016!


Help! My honor student stole my identity! Okay, so maybe it’s not that drastic, but one day you’re taking care of you and the next thing you know, your responsibilities (a.k.a. husband and children) are consuming you. As a mother, it’s easy to be stressed out. It’s easy to lose yourself in your kids’ lives. Things that seemed important to you BC (before children) really don’t seem to matter now. Their soccer games, dance lessons, sleepovers, doctor’s appointments, homework, and birthday parties rule life at home-and at work. And that doesn’t include endless trips toting them here, there and everywhere, making sure they’re happy, have abundant friends and all of the accouterments of being a kid today. It’s exhausting and overwhelming.

Moms today need to be reminded to take time for themselves. Without guilt. Without self- incrimination. They need to embrace their own hobbies. Their own dreams. Real You with Kids: 8 Essentials for Busy Moms is a book about helping moms keep their identities-and not feel guilty about it. It shows moms that it is possible to do what you love and be a good mother.

My mantra: If you can’t be there for yourself, you can’t be there for your kids.

Topics tackled will include the mommy wars, working mom guilt, the balancing act, creating a family culture, and much more. This book, like Real You Incorporated, takes the process a step further. This book asks the reader to create a Real You chart for herself, and her life as a mother. A personal touchstone that will help her remember that if “momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”.

This isn’t a parenting how-to book; it’s the process a woman goes through to re-discover herself-as a person. And it’s a book that’s truly needed. Women are multi-tasking more than ever. Consider that 80 million moms are in the workforce and there are 5.6 million work-at-home moms. All of these moms are juggling children, work, chores, volunteering and more. Women are maxed out; but are they having fun? Enjoying life? Remembering the passions, their dreams?

Consider these facts:

  • Twenty-seven percent of working moms say they have a high level of stress related to balancing work and family demands.
  • Studies show women continue to do the majority of housework. As soon as women and men either marry or live together, the working woman spends 15 hours a week on housework or other domestic chores, while the working man spends only five.
  • Twenty-eight percent of moms overall-including 30 percent of moms with three or more children and 32 percent of pre-school moms-say they feel very guilty when they have to do such things as bring work home (82 percent of all women surveyed do so occasionally), not have as much time as they’d like to spend with their spouse or significant other (65 percent feel that way occasionally), and having to take work with them on vacations (51 percent have done so).
  • Sixty-eight percent of women volunteer at least once a month, on top of everything else they are responsible for.
  • And, women are depressed. Depression has been called the most significant mental health risk for women of childbearing and childrearing age, 25-44, and the target ages for this book. Married women have twice the rate of depression than single women, and women are two-thirds of the 19 million Americans diagnosed with depression each year. Over the course of a lifetime, nearly one in four women will experience a major depressive episode.

Moms are searching for answers, and they’re going online to find them. In fact, there are half a million entries for the Google search: “Mom Identity Crisis”. And self identity is the answer. Putting the real you back into your life. Whatever passions she has, the Real You process will help her make the life changes she desires-whether it’s getting a hobby or fulfilling a business dream. It begins with the Real You chart from Real You Incorporated. The first three levels of the chart remain the same: you, your passions and your brand. The outer circles are about the family you are creating, the life you will be living. This book will help moms learn to manage her family’s goals as well as her goals and passions, keeping her Real You at the center of everything she does.