Kaira Rouda's Laguna Beach Kindle World

If you enjoyed the Laguna Beach series, jump into the Laguna Beach Kindle World offerings!

Kaira Rouda’s Laguna Beach is a place for authors to write their own stories set in the wonderful town of Laguna Beach. In these stories you’ll bump into characters you know from my books, but you’ll also meet a new cast of characters. I’m excited to introduce you to these authors, and their work! Just know, their works are entirely their own! I hope you enjoy spending even more time in Laguna Beach. Visit the Laguna Beach Kindle World page on Amazon for ten all-new Laguna Beach Kindle World titles, including:

Reckless in Laguna by Barbara Ankram * Lucky in Laguna by Rachelle Ayala * Last Night in Laguna by C.M. Albert * A Treasure in Laguna by Heather Hiestand * One Night in Laguna by Melissa Keir * Lost in Laguna by K.N. Lee * Weddings in Laguna by Cherly Phipps * Sleepless in Laguna by Suzanne Rock * Sunset in Laguna by Melanie Shawn* True Love in Laguna by Lacey Wolfe * Dreams Come True in Laguna by Nancy Stopper * That Gold in Laguna by Heather Hiestand * Harmony in Laguna by Bogna Maslanka * Hidden in Laguna by Cheryl Phipps * Wed by the Seal in Laguna by Zoe York

Are you an author who would like to join the fun? We have another Laguna Beach Kindle World launch coming soon! Contact Kaira for more information. Anyone can write in the Laguna Beach Kindle World! All you need is imagination, romantic inspiration and a dash of warm sea air. Here's what New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melanie Shawn had to say about writing in the Laguna Beach Kindle World:

"Writing in the Laguna Beach Kindle World was really fun, and I'd wholeheartedly suggest you do it. In fact, we enjoyed our experience so much we're doing a follow-up novella next year! Besides just being a fun writing experience, though, the Laguna Beach KW setting is a great marketing tool because the world-building is so diverse...want to tie in your characters from Women's Fiction? New Adult? Contemporary? You can! Want to have a story set in a fully-realized small town? You can! Want characters from your own world to jet off to a resort town for a quick getaway? Again...you can!"

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Hope Falls kindle world: one night in tahoe

The last thing Jack Thomas wanted to do was spend a snowy, cold weekend in Lake Tahoe. There was a reason he lived at the beach. His new dream job as a regional manager for Brace Sportswear was demanding but he knew his boss would understand. Jack’s dad, Bob Thomas, lived alone and needed his help, so of course he would give him a weekend. It was the least he could do.
It was Sandy Davis’ first day working the telephones at the Hope Falls real estate office when Bob Thomas called asking for Sandy. With Lauren Harrison’s help, Sandy was ready for her first solo listing presentation.  What she wasn’t ready for was Bob’s handsome son from Laguna Beach to take her breath away. Sandy’s training had been clear: don’t mix work with pleasure.
Unbeknownst to both of them, Bob Thomas had plans for the weekend that involved more than real estate and some help around the house. What happens when a huge snowstorm traps two strangers in a beautiful mountain home? Can the mistakes of the generation before lead to true love?

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Dare to Love kindle world: The Celebrity Dare 

Playboy billionaire and son of a New York City real estate tycoon, Mark Dare is living a great life, living in the city and operating his family’s hotels, nightclubs and cruise ships. He loves his job, and his carefree, no-strings-attached lifestyle. When he agreed to be a celebrity judge/investor on the television show, The Celebrity Dare, he doesn’t think about the show as anything other than a unique way to promote the Dare Real Estate Holdings name. By this, the second season, he’s a television pro. When a gorgeous, vaguely familiar blonde woman walks on stage, he’s instantly mesmerized, ready to buy whatever it is she’s selling. 

Piper Sloan is a woman on a mission to save the US food supply, one product at a time. An attorney who left her lucrative law firm job to start the business of her dreams, her friends think she’s crazy, and they just might be right. Funds are running low and in desperation, she applies to be a contestant on The Celebrity Dare, certain charming and hunky billionaire Mark Dare won’t remember their one night together, even if it’s something she will never forget. She’s desperate, willing to do anything to keep her fledgling company afloat. 

Sometimes chemistry is more powerful than common sense. And the ingredients of love aren’t always what they seem. 

Connection to the Dare World: 
Mark Dare is a cousin of all the Dare kids, legitimate and not. He is the oldest son of Robert Dare’s estranged brother, Donald Dare. 
Donald Dare has built a family real estate empire, Dare Real Estate Holdings, based in New York City. Mark frequents Gabe’s nightclub, Elite.

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The Remington's kindle world: Spotlight on Love 

Since childhood, Olivia Larson has dreamed of becoming a top fashion model. Recruited by an elite New York agency, she’s about to board a private plane to fly to the Big Apple. As a promise to her dedicated mom, she’s focused on her career, and nothing else, but that determination is challenged when a sexy and secretive celebrity arrives for the same flight. 

Bad boy pop star Reed Ralston has been famous since he was a tween, pushed into the spotlight by an overbearing stage mom and appearing on a popular kids’ TV show as a singer/songwriter. Against the odds, and with dark secrets from a troubled childhood hidden from the press, Reed has transitioned into a successful adult star with a carefully manufactured image designed to keep him on top of the charts and in the pop-culture media. 

Sometimes opposites attract immediately, as Reed and Olivia discover during their spark-filled, hour-long flight to New York. But what happens when their attraction is exposed to the harsh spotlight of fame will make all the difference in this stand alone romance. 

Cameo by: Siena Remington from Melissa Foster's Flames of Love 

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The Remington's kindle world: City of Love 

Her heart is empty in the new life she’s living. 

Charlotte Taylor knows she’s gorgeous. She’s been told that all her life. Since she was a child, her mom, a former model and Miss Georgia, has been grooming her for a professional modeling career and tomorrow, she’ll sign with the top agency in New York City. It should be a dream come true. 

Alone, and unhappy, she doesn’t know where to turn. 

Hale Scott works long hours as a chef at the hottest restaurant in Manhattan. It should be his dream job, serving hip food to the coolest crowd in the city. The only problem is his boss. The highlight of his evening is the gorgeous woman he keeps making eye contact with, sitting at the table closest to the kitchen. She looks sad and lonely and he hopes she’s still there when the dinner rush subsides. 

Charlotte and Hale find an instant connection but a relationship is the last thing Charlotte needs and the only thing Hale wants. Can they find a way to stay together in the overwhelming city, or can they find their own city of love? 

Cameos by: Siena Remington from Melissa Foster’s Flames of Love 
Olivia Larson from Kaira Rouda's The Remington's Spotlight on Love 

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