Wow! Congrats girlfriend!

That's just the type of email I love to receive in my inbox! My friend, Jackie, sent it responding to the great news Real You Incorporated has been named to the list of the Top 25 Books Coroporate America is Reading. That's exciting! And, it's the only book focused on women in business on the list!It's amazing to be on the same list as Jack Welsh and Blue Ocean Strategy!

It has also been exciting to watch our rank on Amazon's women and business bestseller list! We're there!

We're breaking through, girlfriends! In speeches across the country our message of embracing your personal brand with authenticity is making a difference in women's lives! And I'd love to hear your feedback. Drop me a note, join my community, send me your story of inspiration. One happy email a day makes the entire inbox bearable. Much like a smile confuses an approaching frown. Write me at

Thank you to all of you who are supporting me and reading the book! We are being noticed!