Are you taking advantage of the wonderful network of words?

I was an English major in college and have been a writer at heart throughout my career, so for me, and my personal brand, blogging and twittering and the like are fun. An ever-evolving way to reach my audience through the power of the written word.

But for those of you who aren't writers, there is hope. Visuwords, an online graphical dictionary and thesaurus, may be a great place to start. Blogs should have a point, and tweets should be informative, so start with a kernel - a word. In my case I entered "social" and the chart you see shows all the many links and extensions of the word in a fun, web-world way. It's the word "social"s network. (Couldn't resist.) With that one word, social, a whole network of blog posts were revealed just through the relationship of words.

Try it out next time you're stuck on a post - or just for fun. By the way, what's another word for thesaurus?

(Just a little English-major humor to brighten your day.)