Sharing Your Secrets. Good or Bad?

Whenever women business owners get together they like to talk about their families and their business.

Unlike their male counterparts, women business owners, counterparts seek out the opinions and input of others. We know this from research conducted by the National Foundation for Women Business Owners (NFWBO). I believe that women benefit from this behavior. Of course, there are boundaries you’ll need to adhere to, but that shouldn’t stop you from gaining the wisdom and insight of others.

Connecting with others is a natural instinct for women. So don’t be afraid to get out there and start connecting by sharing trials, tribulations and success stories. Once you open up other women will too. But like I said there are boundaries, do share all the ins and outs, but be willing to help. And always remember, watch out for the snarks! They are out there and they will try to bring you down.

Still, it goes way beyond talking with friends and people you meet. And beyond talking to other women business owners, if you have a team, ask for their ideas too! It’s important to solicit their input as well. In doing so, you’ll make them feel like valued members of the team, and you’ll benefit from a variety of opinions and perspectives.

So as you head off to your next gathering don’t feel like you have to hold back. Be open and willing to share. Those you are sharing with will be appreciative and you may even learn something from them!