Every experience enriches you - cherish every moment!

You were born to succeed. You need to believe that. It’s true.

It’s also true that if the life you’re living or the path you’re following starts to get you off track, you’ll be given guidance in order to get back on the path. The guidance may be subtle – or it could be a big and painful lesson. But either way, you’re learning. It’s so hard to realize this as you’re living your life, especially while we’re all in the middle of the global cultural and financial shift. And – as an entrepreneur - as you work to make your business dreams come true there never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish your goals, let alone the time to reflect on the lessons you’re learning along the way.

The truth is, there never will be enough time. Ever. Once you realize this basic fact, you free yourself to cherish the moments, the minutes. To celebrate holidays with family, while taking a break from work by turning off your computer for awhile. Take a walk with a friend, or simply sit peacefully and watch the sunset even if you’re not on vacation. Laugh and play, even if you don’t have kids around you – but especially if you do. Enrich your soul this weekend by filling your heart with joy and spreading that joy to everyone you encounter.

And if you’re celebrating Easter this weekend, celebrate! Make plans. Hug. Step away from the business and look around you and realize your blessings. They are plentiful, as plentiful as your unique personal gifts.

“Every experience we have and will have upon earth encourages the alignment of your personality with your soul.” ~ Gary Zukav

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Building a Professional Network

We always hear that building professional networks is vital to success, but it should also be noted that your network should reach beyond family and friends.

Family and friends are great, and most of us would be lost without them. They create a great support system in a wide variety of situations—including helping you fulfill your dreams. However, if you’re talking business, you really need to expand your network. Most women rely on family members as their primary network, but these individuals don’t always have access to meaningful business information—like new leads, business experts or financial advice.

Your contacts should be people who will help you develop your competitive advantage. You need diversity of opinions and backgrounds, so as you build your network, try to include individuals with varying backgrounds and expertise. Ideally, it should be people who don’t work for you. That way you can benefit from different perspectives and ideas. You can begin by joining and participating in social media sites and joining local professional networking groups. So, get out there and start reaching out.

If you want to go for it, you can. And you will.

It all starts with you—and your dreams. That’s what got you thinking about owning your own business in the first place. You want to do it right. You want to make a difference. You want to call the shots. And you’re not alone. Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men (maybe more), leaving corporate jobs because of inflexibility, frustration with the good old boys’ club and the glass ceiling, lack of creativity in the workplace and pure boredom.

Mary Kay is one of my favorite success stories.

Frustrated with the way she had been treated in a male-dominated world, a retired Mary Kay Ash used her life savings of $5,000 to launch a cosmetics company in 1963. Initially, she had only nine independent beauty consultants and a 500-square-foot store in Dallas, but she was equipped with a plan—and a passion. During her 25-year career, she had taken notes about both the good and the bad principles of business that she encountered. Much of what she learned from previous employers became the backbone of her business. For Mary Kay, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, it wasn’t too late to go for it—and she was determined to make it work. Mary Kay passed away in 2001, but her company continues to empower women today.

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