What's in a name?

Let me say this: Naming your company matters. It’s part of your real brand; it’s your essence. What you need to do is begin with your company story. Write it down; record it. From the first twinkle of an idea to the people that have played a significant role, get it on paper. This is important because you’ll want employees to know about and understand your brand. They need to know the real story.

After you’ve got that down, coming up with a name for the company should be easier. You’ll want it to define your real brand—the genuine, truthful, authentic you that your company is all about. Remember those dreams? Sure you do! Let them unfold—in your company name.

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Reflect on your past, and write your life story.

Write your life story, but try to limit it to a page or two. Simply focus on the highlights. That will give you enough material to reflect on what you’ve learned from past experiences. It’s important to realize that with every experience, you grow.

You may never be forced to make a decision quite like the one Rosa Parks made when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. But, like Rosa Parks, you will have experiences that alter the course of your life. Her actions sparked the Montgomery bus boycott, which set a precedent for future non-violent civil rights protests. Unfortunately, Parks was fired from her job, and eventually she had to move to Detroit to find work. In spite of it all, she remained active in the civil rights movement for many years and eventually worked as an aide to Congressman John Conyers. In 1999, she was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. Clearly, the experiences and events that shaped Parks’ early life had a significant impact on her later years.

What about you? What’s your story? What experiences have shaped and guided you and made you the person you are today? Perhaps even more important, what can you learn from the past that will make you a better business owner, mother, friend or co-worker in the future? Gain inspiration from the stories of several women entrepreneurs in Real You Incorporated and share your own with us!