It's true, you know

Gloria Steinem's recent sold-out visit to Comfortable Columbus (Ohio) is just one of the many signs that the collective power of women is becoming more apparent and verbalized. We're beginning to see the new wave of feminism - and it's not feminism as an "F" word. Nope, those pioneers - led by Steinem in the second wave just as Susan B. Anthony and the suffragettes led the first wave - had to be more combative. They were fighting for basic freedoms and rights for women.

Today, we all have the power to assume the place in the world of our own making. And if we all stick together, it will be powerful. And balanced. And, well, fun and real.

Women entrepreneurs are starting businesses of all kinds at an amazing rate. Women make or direct 91 percent of all home buying decisions, 79 percent of all consumer purchases and will control most of the wealth in the U.S. by the middle of this century.

It's exciting, this women ruling thing. But the main point is that the way women rule is different. We share. We care. We love men, too. We just want to do things our way. With support. Let's go!