Empowering Cultures Attract Positive People

Businesses often go through growing pains. Sometimes good; sometimes bad. And right now, many companies are facing the pressures of having to downsize. However, there are some companies that are prospering and need to hire more employees.

To ensure that you hire the best and most well-fitting employees, my advice is to create a great culture; one that is inviting and represents your company’s outlook. Potential employees will use your culture as a guide for gaining insight on your company. And, if you misrepresent your company’s culture, you may end up wasting time interviewing candidates that are not a good fit for your company.

To ensure your culture is truly representative of your company’s brand, first take a quick inventory of your surroundings. How would you define the culture you’ve created up to this point? Is it stiff or fun? Casual or crazy? Formal or informal? Do these qualities really represent your company? Although these things may seem small and relatively insignificant, they’re not.

Simple, inspiring cultures attract A-list candidates. It’s no secret that people want to feel inspired by their jobs. They want to participate in something sustainable and worthwhile. That’s why creating a real, creative and stimulating culture will contribute to your success.

Make sure that each employee understands your brand essence and your vision for the company. It goes way beyond just telling employees what you’re about. You’ve got to live it daily.

Remember, if your personal brand and your business brand are in alignment, it shouldn’t be hard to attract the right individuals. You want real people who are attracted to your company and what you’re trying to achieve. Now, go get ‘em!

Letting Go is Hard to Do

Eventually your small business may turn into a booming company. As your company grows it becomes more difficult to control every aspect on your own. Never forget that working smarter—not harder—is the answer to your dilemma.

Remember that team you built? Trust them to get the job done. Successful entrepreneurs know the difference between leading and managing. Sure you’re still going to be there, offering them the direction they need. But now that your company is growing, you can’t be everywhere at once, and you certainly can’t do it all. So give your team the breathing space they need to put your plans into action.

You created a plan and a vision. Now let your team members carry it out. For more tips on building and managing a stellar team, check out Life Lesson 14 of Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials For Women Entrepreneurs.