Coworking Spaces Help Entrepreneurs Connect, Reduce Isolation

If you are like many other women entrepreneurs starting your own business, you are probably working from home. But for those who are use to working in a traditional business setting with lots of co-workers this transition can be isolating.

If you miss your co-workers to brainstorm with, the personal connections, and water cooler conversations, my suggestion is to try relocating your office to a coworking space. Coworking is where independent professional elect to work in a shared space. This type of work space always you to get out of the house and socialize with like minded- professionals and eliminates the need to spend hours at a local coffee shop. At most coworking locations, for a monthly fee, you are provided with all the essentials to help you launch and grow your business. To take a further look and see what coworking is all about check out Qwirk, location in German Village Columbus, Ohio.

Also, here is a video about coworking taking place in Austin, Texas.

So, if starting your business from home is to isolating join a coworking space. It will have you feeling inspired all over again. And best of all, you’ll leave that feeling of isolation behind.

Women in Real Estate gathered in Boston

At the Women's Council of Realtor's Women of Influence conference this weekend. The best thing about the meeting: women helping each other feel empowered and confident, even in the face of the worst real estate market most folks can remember.

I was privileged to be asked to speak on a panel to the full conference. The audience was smiling, and receptive, and positive. I'm not kidding. A room full of entrepreneurial real estate professionals who are positive. It's true. That's because contrary to the media bombardment, real estate professionals know home is where the heart is. These women know that people live in houses, and eventually, many of them, you perhaps, will see that it is a great time to buy.

And, since the housing industry led us into this national recession/close to recession/whatever you want to call it, perhaps these women from across the country are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. First in, first out?

No matter what, I do know that Americans and Realtors in particular, are an optimistic, enthusiastic bunch. We know things will get better. We're just waiting for the news to catch up!