The New Dad

Perhaps you’ve seen this man playing with his kids in the park. Maybe you noticed as he struggled with three kids and a grocery cart full of groceries. Or, you may have seen him at the last PTO meeting, in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office—even volunteering at the school. At first you didn’t recognize who he was, having taken on this new role. But recently, he has become more easily recognizable, and now you know—he’s the new dad.

Take a few minutes to applaud the fathers who are committed to doing their equal share of the family responsibilities. Give your own husband a pat on the back, a smile and a thank you. Strike up a friendly conversation with the dad at the playground. Make him feel welcome at the next PTO meeting. And lend him a helping hand as he juggles three kids and a grocery cart of food. Together, these dads are helping us change the world.

So, this Father’s Day, take a minute to thank the new dads in your life, whether it’s your own dad, your husband or simply an acquaintance. And remember, fathers teach best by example. These hands-on dads are training tomorrow’s fathers.

Happy Father’s Day!