Real You: Five Common Networking Mistakes

Stopsign2Whether you’re looking for a new job or not, you need to get out there and network! You can build new business, find possible colleagues and learn a lot from other people in your industry and beyond. Check out these common networking mistakes to avoid at your next luncheon. Mistake 1: Waiting for the right time. There is no right time to start networking and making connections. It’s much easier to say, “I’ve been in X industry for five years, and I love it” vs. “I recently lost my job, and I’m looking for a new opportunity.” Get involved now. Google your industry plus your city and see what comes up. There are many general networking groups out there as well.

Mistake 2: Arriving without an elevator pitch. Be prepared with a three-minute pitch about yourself. Who you are and what you do is a perfect start. Be ready to talk about interesting things you’re working on and what you’d like to do in the future. On the other hand, have a short list of questions for your new acquaintances. What do they like to do? How is their company doing?

Mistake 3: Leaving your wingman at home. If going to an event where you don’t know anyone makes you uncomfortable, go with a friend. It’s even better if your friend is well connected with the group. That person can introduce you to the right people.

Mistake 4: Being negative. Don’t trash the competition, and don’t speak ill of your previous company or co-workers, like Pete. It’s a small world out there, and you never know if the person you’re talking to is Pete’s best friend. Remember, everyone likes a positive person. Those are the kind of people they want to work with and hire.

Mistake 5: Not following up with new connections. So you collected 12 cards? Congrats. Now take a minute to write down what you know about each person on their card and follow up with them via email, hand-written note or online connection via LinkedIn. Send them a short note to say thank you. It will go a long way.

Avoid these networking pitfalls, and you will be off to building a great database.

P.S. Don’t leave your business cards at home—ever.

Real You: Are you marching forward on your purpose and vision?

RoadIf you are, you are stepping into your power. You are shining bright, sharing your vision with others and moving forward. You know who you are—The Real You—and you know where you are going. Your passions are defined (step 2 of the Real You process), and your personal brand is fully formed. You truly have found it within. When you are following your purpose in life—and applying that purpose and passion to your business—your competitive advantage crystallizes. You are able to use your fully formed Real You competitive advantage to delight your customers. And when you’re in business, that’s the end game. Truly.

Whether you are a full-time entrepreneur, considering becoming one, or somewhere in between, your personal brand and your business brand are unstoppable as long as they are aligned with purpose and vision.

Remember the strength found in conviction, in confidence. Remember, you aren’t alone. You are the only one who can define your dream and go for it. So, as the summer begins to wind down, the only question that remains is: Why aren’t you moving forward?

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Real You: The Movie!

It’s been a summer of inspiration—speaking with women all over the country about how to put—and keep—the Real You in your business and your life. It made me realize certain themes pop up, no matter the audience, and those themes are the ones I want to share with you in The Real You Movie.

Grab your power, and shine! If you like the movie, please pass it on!

Real You: Are you looking for an advertising agency?

Finding the right agency is like hiring a new employee. You need to be selective. The firm needs to fit in with your brand/culture—get your brand/culture. Think of your agency as an extension of your team. Because if you and your agency aren’t collaborative and creative together, you’re better off apart!  Try these agency hunting tips to ensure a stellar team for your business’ growth.

  • Ask for recommendations. Talk to your friends, and find out what kinds of experiences they’ve had with different firms in town or across the country.
  • Check out each agency’s past work and client list. Anyone in your space?
  • Have a brainstorming meeting with their team—the ones who will actually work on your account.
  • See what kinds of ideas they have. Are they fun, innovative? Do they get your brand?
  • Learn how their processes and communication work. Will you be talking to them once a week? Will you receive documentation on what they’re working on and when items are due? Will you have a dedicated account person?
  • Be specific about what you want and when you want it. If they can do it, get it in writing. Have them clearly define their role and the scope.
  • Make sure your contract has an out. Not all relationships were meant to be, and you don’t want to be stuck paying for terrible work or service.
  • Ask if they will work with you on a project-basis or if they will be on retainer. Most all beginning relationships begin best as project work.
  • Don’t be fooled by a big name, big client firm. Sometimes—but not always—that means you’re the small fish, and they may be more worried about their big accounts. Make sure you know they’re committed to you.
  • Look for agencies with specialties. Some firms will tell you they can handle anything; while others focus on a niche, like book marketing. Take a look at what you need and find a great complement.  

Remember, these are the folks that will help build and grow your brand. So be selective, and make sure they’re the right fit for your needs. That way you, and your agency, will grow together and experience real results.

Real You: 8 Tips to Turn your Passion into Profit

eBookWriting is one of my passions. Since you’re already familiar with Real You Incorporated, I’m excited to get another book into your hands. Be the first to get my new eBook, Turn your Passion into Profit: How to Create the Business of Your Dreams! It’s a 40-page, step-by-step guide to creating the business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted. It’s the perfect complement to Real You Incorporated—and it’s only $9.95!  

Here are 8 tips from the eBook to get you in motion.

  1. Know your Vision. Being able to envision your business service or product, and how it is differentiated in your chosen industry, is crucial to your long-term success.
  2. Be Ready to Work—and Get Help. Are you willing to do a little bit of everything, yet ask for help when you need it? Don’t go it alone. You must have a strong enough personality to know where you excel and where you need help.
  3. Define your Brand. Try to define yourself in one word. This is the basis of your personal brand. Need help? Ask your friends, relatives, book club members, co-workers—anyone who knows the real you.
  4. Create a Brand Board Today. Creating your own brand board is a great YOU brainstorm session. Transform a poster board into a montage of pictures with things you love to do, places that make you happy, colors that brighten your day and aspirations—images that exemplify your personal brand.
  5. Name your Company. Naming your company matters. It’s part of your real brand; it’s your essence. Start by writing your company’s story—even if you don’t have one yet.
  6. Create an Online Presence. This is crucial. At the very least, you’ll want to create a website where people can find your contact information. Then take it to the next level by using social media, a blog and e-newsletter to stay in touch with your customers.
  7. Build Trust & Recognition through Social Media. Social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, allow businesses to build great relationships with present and future customers. A little bit of human interaction can go a long way.
  8. Stay Focused. As your business gets off the ground, it’s important to stay focused and keep working. Most businesses don’t take off overnight. Even if you don’t see immediate results, continue working to add value for your clients.

Are you ready to learn more great tips? Click here to purchase Turn your Passion into Profit: How to Create the Business of Your Dreams.

The eBook is ready for immediate download. You can start using these tips immediately!

Real You: Take a Hiring Hint from Apple

Have you ever met someone that had a spark? A stranger or acquaintance you instantly connected with and thought, that person is going places. Or maybe she was a great salesperson who went above and beyond to make your visit complete. You know, the kind of person that makes you want to visit again and again and tell your friends about the outstanding experience.  Recruit those people! They’re special. They’re driven. They’re unique, and they might just make the perfect addition to your team. You could begin the conversation by asking how they enjoy doing x. Or maybe you say, “You are a fantastic salesperson. Have you ever thought about the X industry?” 

One of my favorite brands, Apple, approaches these rising stars with “enticement” cards that display their logo with these words: “You’re amazing. We should talk.” The back goes on to tell the salesperson that their service was exceptional, and an associate would love to talk to them about their career. (See the card and read the full text at AppleTell.) 

So the next time you run into one of those real, genuine, exceptional folks, make sure you’re ready to introduce them to your business. 

How have you successfully recruited someone? Leave a comment!

Real You: Take the Leap

"If you're never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances."-Julia Sorel (Rosalyn Drexler), See How She Runs, 1978

You know the feeling. For me, it's sweaty palms. For you it may be a racing heart, or butterflies in the stomach—all those tell-tale signs that you're uncomfortable. Your body is triggering the flight sensors, and you're going to go along with it.

But then you take a deep breath, maybe have a little cry or call a friend, and realize this leap out of your comfort zone is what will propel you forward, get you to the next big thing. You realize that without the uneasy feeling of the unknown, it's easy to be stuck in the familiar and known. To grow a business, and for that matter, to grow a life, you need to keep pushing. To keep growing and moving forward. To face your fears and take that leap is uncomfortable—whether it's cold calling a prospect, public speaking, driving in a big city, moving to a new neighborhood, starting a business or being president of your civic association.

Remember, though, the more long-term discomfort in life comes from the regrets you have of challenges not taken, of opportunities missed.

So what's holding you back? Why are you stuck in the comfort zone? What would happen in your life if you took that chance? And what, if anything, will happen if you don't? Ten years from now, will you be glad you stayed in the zone, or sad you didn't take the leap when you could?

Remember: "To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself." -Soren Kierkegaard

Entrepreneurship: The Road to Independence

What is independence? To me, it's entrepreneurship. It's the ability to do what I love, when I want, with whom I want. It's the new American dream. Women everywhere are making it happen, and you can, too! Here are my top five reasons you should take the leap.

1. Independence. I love this quote from an anonymous high school student: "Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't." I couldn't have said it better.

2. Creative Reign. This is your chance to express your brand. To connect. To reach out. To give your customers just what they need, wrapped in a package that's uniquely you.

3. Passion. Create your own fireworks by doing what you love. Pursing your passions makes your heart happy. I promise!

4. Satisfaction. Wake up every day knowing you've built something special. Something that has you stamped all over it. Something you're proud of. Something you'll leave behind.

5. Mentoring/Giving back. Each day is an opportunity to learn and to mentor. You have the freedom to put your name behind your charitable passion and support your community. Give back to those who have helped you, and shepherd those who will be the future.

So how do you get started? Create that brand board I'm always talking about. Express your passions, your ambitions, the colors that draw you in and the words that catch your eye. Look at it everyday and ask yourself, “What will I do for my brand and future business today? Who has the knowledge and experience to help me get there?”

Start on your path to personal freedom by putting your passion into action!

Should You Network Via Email?

I received a question from a woman asking: “Is it okay to network via email?” 

I wish I could start every relationship face-to-face, but it’s just not possible. In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to correspond with individuals who live on the other side of the country—or even in another part of the world—without ever meeting them in person. Thank you, Twitter! Relationships grow and people conduct business this way every single day—and it works. That being said, when you have the opportunity to meet someone in person, do it. This is your opportunity to put your best foot forward. 

After the relationship has been established, corresponding via e-mail, and even social networks, is perfectly acceptable. Always ask, what’s the best way to communicate? According to the Meta Group Survey, 80 percent of people prefer typing to talking. Think about the number of people you can reach through your computer—through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Ning and other communities. You’ll be able to maintain and build relationships with ease. So, yes, networking via e-mail is not only acceptable, it makes sense.

How Women-Owned Businesses are Surviving the Recession

Women are starting businesses at rapid rates and thriving, despite the economic downturn. According to a recent study conducted by Florida International University’s Center for Leadership and The Commonwealth Institute of South Florida, women-owned businesses are doing better in the recession than most. Key Factors:

  1. Women traditionally take on less debt and thus have more flexibility during tough times.
  2. Women also try to strategize and reach out instead of jumping to cost-cutting measures.

This is exactly the route Rachel Sapoznik, CEO of Sapoznik Insurance, took to grow her business without eliminating staff. See the full story on how Sapoznik’s and other women business owners’ determination and networking led to success in hard times.

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Kindle Lovers… This is for you!

Amazon’s Kindle allows you to download and read thousands of books, newspapers, magazines and now blogs. This is great news for people like me, who read multiple blogs daily. There are tons of blogs listed in categories ranging from arts and entertainmentAmazonKindleUser2 to business and investing to travel, lifestyle, culture and more.

And as of today, the Real You Incorporated blog is also available on Kindle blogs!

Other blogs available for download include: The New York Times- Latest News, Huffington Post, The Onion, Seth’s Blog (Seth Godin) and Vanity Fair’s VF Daily Blog, among others.

Blogs downloaded via Kindle blogs provide you with full text content and images and are updated wirelessly throughout the day. To learn more, visit and download your Real You Incorporated Kindle blog!

Questions to Ask when Beginning a New Job

If you’ve earned a new position, congrats! When beginning a new job, it’s important to feel comfortable with the company and your new boss and team. During your first couple of days on the job, ask some of the following questions to help focus your work and set goals. • What are the top priorities for the company and our team? This question is vital to your success. If you think their priorities are XZY but they are really ABC, all of your work may be in vain. Also, ask which projects take top priority. You need to learn to budget your time.

How do you prefer to communicate and approve projects? Establishing a strong communication pattern with your boss will save you endless headaches and wasted time. If your supervisor is not one for interruptions, they may get upset if you keep dropping by to get their feedback. It may be best to set appointments.

How and when will my performance be evaluated? Asking this question will help you structure your work so it is easily measured and evaluated. The more profitable/positive results you can show, the better.

Will there be opportunity for advancement within the company? This will let your boss know you have long-term goals in mind. Caution: This is a question to ask after you have been there awhile. You may want to ask a co-worker you’ve gotten to know, “Do people move around a lot in this company?” This will give you a feel for the type of answer your boss will likely give.

Make sure you start off on the right foot and familiarize yourself with the operations of your new company and your team/boss. And to those lucky folks who are growing their team and bringing on new employees, please express the above info to your new hires! A welcoming work environment is positive for everyone.

Here’s the Story of a Lovely Lady…

…who was bringing up three very lovely girls. For many years Carol Brady was a classic American female icon and many women could and still can relate to her. But while many of us cannot afford to hire our very own housekeeper named Alice, you can now visit!

For all you multi-tasking moms and busy entrepreneurs out there, there is a new site to help you save time and money. Eliminating the middleman, allows you to shop directly from the manufacturer to help cut down costs. Other money and time saving features include free shipping (and fuel savings because you don’t have to drive to the store), price comparison charts and coupon clipping with discounts taken off automatically at the checkout. also keeps track of what products you buy and sends you reminders when its time to restock. You are also able to keep track of your spending and compare it to other families like yours.

With money and time being such valuable commodities, this site will help you manage both. And to me, that sounds amazing.

See for yourself, visit

Just for fun…

Help Save Ohio Libraries

As a book lover and author, this news of library funding cuts breaks my heart, but we can all do our part to save Ohio libraries! What’s happening: On June 19, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland proposed a budget cut that would reduce state funding for public libraries by $227.3 million in 2010 and 2011 fiscal years. This reduction would cut Ohio’s public libraries funding 30 percent in addition to the 20 percent cut due to the decline of the state’s General Revenue Fund. A total 50 percent cut in funding.

What it means: As a result, branches may close, hours of operation will be reduced, new book and material orders will be halted and other vital summer reading programs and services would end. With the economic hardships that thousands of Ohioans are facing, trips to the library have provided some relief for families, and I can’t imagine what some families would do without those opportunities.

How you can help: • Call or email Ohio legislators. For phone numbers and emails, click here. To email all legislators and senators at once, click here.

• Join the Facebook group, and update your Facebook and Twitter status with:

“I contacted my elected officials to help save Ohio libraries, and you should too. Find out more at”

The Ohio Library Council site has provided the image below for you to save and upload as your profile picture on social media sites.


• Spread the word! Let friends know what is going on, how you have helped and how they can, too.

For more information, visit The General Assembly Conference Committee is likely to make a decision this week, so act fast!

Get some new insight. Expand your mind.

You are pretty conversant in what you already know, let's hope. Your industry, your hobbies, your kids, your neighborhood. Great. You should be. That's easy. But what have you done lately to expand your mind, your knowledge? How have you challenged yourself?

I just attended the Marketing to Women Conference in Chicago for the second year, and I love going because I always learn new things. Because I'm outside of my typical focus on entrepreneurism and real estate, my mind gets a break and a chance to focus and expand via a different channel. Sure, marketing to women is one of my passions, but it's not often I have a chance to mingle and share information with a group of people who share that passion. It's amazingly mind-expanding. And what, you ask, did I learn? Here's just a sampling for your consideration!

• Today's women are living fully kinetic lives, according to a Lifetime TV study. 84 percent feel they are busier than the generation before them, and busier now than they were five years ago. They are leading multi-tasking lives.

• Today's men are pitching in more, but it's far from equal at home. The interesting news is husbands who do pitch in have more sex. Go figure.

• Stress is on the rise. 55 percent of all women say they are frequently stressed out, while 85 percent have trouble sleeping. Women are searching for simplification and an unscheduled day every once in awhile.

• Oh, and while there are fewer vertical and horizontal corporate barriers, only 12 Fortune 500 CEOS are women, and women still only make 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. Leading to the rise of my passion—and many of yours—women are turning to entrepreneurship.

You don't need to travel to expand your mind. Head to the bookstore and pick up a “how to” or business book (subliminal plug for Real You Incorporated inserted here) about a topic you've always wanted to learn more about. If you have a Kindle, you don't have to leave your home for an entire wealth of knowledge to be delivered into your hands. Of course, the Internet provides a huge, immediate resource, but it also provides innumerable distractions so if you want to focus, and if you want to learn, I'd suggest making time for it through. A book. A conference. Or taking an online course.

In today's multi-minding world, make sure your mind has a chance to focus on expanding, and not just moving from task to task. Enlightenment and learning opens your mind and can change the direction of your life.

Step into the spotlight.

Here's the thing. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a corporate employee, a SAHM or a college student, the time will come—and it probably has already—when you need to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight to claim your power. This could take the form of not letting somebody else take the credit for your paper, your proposal, your cost-cutting idea. Or, it may require the actual stepping into the spotlight, on stage or at least in a large group meeting.

Does that thought terrify you? It did me, for too many years in fact. My fear of public speaking (and its accompanying fear of failure, fear of not being good enough) held me back in my business and in my life in general. It forced me to thrust others into the spotlight to say my words and present my ideas, instead of taking the responsibility and the challenge of doing it myself.

Oh, and then I wrote a book. One of the first things you learn when that dream of being a published author—of getting an agent, and a New York publisher and a book on bookshelves—actually comes true is that you must let others know about said book. Without promotion, books, like all products, don't get very far. And in the case of a book especially, even more so in today's publishing environment, the author and her brand are critical to selling any copies. Guess what that meant: No hiding. There isn't anyone else who can speak about my words, my book, for me. (I tried to figure out a way, trust me!)

So, I hired a voice and speech coach. He was amazing. We worked together for a year and still have tune-ups now and again, but truly, it's fun to speak to groups now. Folks with our company can't believe the change. And I can't either some days. If I can do it, you can, too. So let me give you a few tips I've learned as I've stepped into the spotlight. To grow your business and personal brand, I hope you'll decide to take the plunge and step into your own spotlight, too.

1. If speaking terrorizes you, get help. There are speech coaches, Toastmasters and all types of organizations to help you get the tips you need to grow into your comfort zone. You know your material. It's time to get credit for it.

2. Start small. I'm still grateful to the first Rotary group who gave me a chance to speak about my book. They were gracious, warm and not too big in mass.

3. Be prepared. Practice. Be prepared. Repeat. You'll feel better if you've rehearsed and can toss the notes and crutches.

4. And, a big point once you've agreed to take the microphone: Power Point is supposed to be visual, a supporting image of what you're speaking about. Duplicating your speech on slides is a sure-fire boredom creator. Promise. My goal is to get to where the real pros are and use no slides at all!

5. Remember, audiences, no matter how big or small, want you to succeed. They are there to hear your story, your message.

Have a wonderful weekend. And start envisioning yourself in the spotlight!

Say no to time thieves

Make sure you're focusing and not allowing time thieves to take advantage of you!

Did you know interruptions consume 28 percent of an average workday? It's true. And interruptions can be even more time-stealing if you're working from home and not setting limits. Case in point: the other day I was working from home. That's typically a great place to work, especially during school hours. But, one of my kids was home sick. She slept most of the time, but still needed checking, food and comfort. Then, I answered the home phone, instead of letting the answering machine grab it. A mom looking for help with the Lacrosse car wash this weekend. And finally, my oldest signed himself out of school and arrived home with a big project.

And what time does that leave for the things on my list? None, if I allow that to happen. But I can't. I've made a commitment to my business, to me and my team. If you're looking for a job or starting a business, this is vitally important. No matter what comes up, you need to remember that if you don't manage through the interruptions and still accomplish your tasks for today, you'll feel more stressed and less available tomorrow. And that ruins your weekend.

For me, my kids and for everyone else, I need to find a way to get it all done. Here's how:

1. Don't lose steam. Even if you need to take an hour out to comfort, to help, to run an errand, to go to an unexpected meeting, to whatever, get back on track as soon as you can.

2. If you're frustrated, let it out. Go for a walk. Express your frustration. Simply tell your kids, your spouse, your friend, your coworker that you're on a deadline so you need to make this meeting, appointment, errand, call, whatever, quick. To the point. It's ok to tell others you're rushed.

3. Practice saying this little word: NO. I'm not good at it yet, and you probably aren't either. Let's work on it, shall we?

4. Remember each day is a journey, just as your career and life are a journey. There is no straight path. Look at it as a continuum. Perhaps during this interruption, something you are learning, listening to or helping with holds a kernel of truth you can apply when you're back tackling your job at hand.

5. Just do it. Really. Now that you've paused to read this tip, you are fired up to get back at the task at hand. No more excuses.

I feel better. Hope you do, too. According to many surveys across numerous fields, we all want to feel joy and a sense of purpose about the work we do, the career we pursue. Have you found that? You deserve it. In this time of uncertainty, make a plan for yourself. Remember, it's about defining yourself in one word, and then defining your passions—your hobbies, interests, loves. Within those things, you'll find the answers, and you can begin to pursue them. The answers to fulfillment are within you. And—if the task you're putting off is one that is crucial to your new passion path, you really have no excuse! See #5.

Have a great weekend! Follow me on Twitter, and I'd love to be a friend on Facebook!

Learn how Successful Women put Personality into Business

Does your business reflect your personality? My business, Real Living, does—it’s spunky, like me! And it is part of a new eBook that was recently released, called The Personality Project: “Women of Personality”. This free eBook, by Rohit Bhatgava, author of Personality Not Included, features 20 women who have successfully melted their personalities into their businesses.

Find out how they did it by downloading it from the Personality Project Web site.

Bhatgava is currently accepting submissions from women to be part of the second edition, scheduled to launch in early June. To submit yourself or someone you know, send an email to or post a short introduction to yourself on the wall of the Women of Personality Facebook Group.

Coworking Spaces Help Entrepreneurs Connect, Reduce Isolation

If you are like many other women entrepreneurs starting your own business, you are probably working from home. But for those who are use to working in a traditional business setting with lots of co-workers this transition can be isolating.

If you miss your co-workers to brainstorm with, the personal connections, and water cooler conversations, my suggestion is to try relocating your office to a coworking space. Coworking is where independent professional elect to work in a shared space. This type of work space always you to get out of the house and socialize with like minded- professionals and eliminates the need to spend hours at a local coffee shop. At most coworking locations, for a monthly fee, you are provided with all the essentials to help you launch and grow your business. To take a further look and see what coworking is all about check out Qwirk, location in German Village Columbus, Ohio.

Also, here is a video about coworking taking place in Austin, Texas.

So, if starting your business from home is to isolating join a coworking space. It will have you feeling inspired all over again. And best of all, you’ll leave that feeling of isolation behind.

Empowering Cultures Attract Positive People

Businesses often go through growing pains. Sometimes good; sometimes bad. And right now, many companies are facing the pressures of having to downsize. However, there are some companies that are prospering and need to hire more employees.

To ensure that you hire the best and most well-fitting employees, my advice is to create a great culture; one that is inviting and represents your company’s outlook. Potential employees will use your culture as a guide for gaining insight on your company. And, if you misrepresent your company’s culture, you may end up wasting time interviewing candidates that are not a good fit for your company.

To ensure your culture is truly representative of your company’s brand, first take a quick inventory of your surroundings. How would you define the culture you’ve created up to this point? Is it stiff or fun? Casual or crazy? Formal or informal? Do these qualities really represent your company? Although these things may seem small and relatively insignificant, they’re not.

Simple, inspiring cultures attract A-list candidates. It’s no secret that people want to feel inspired by their jobs. They want to participate in something sustainable and worthwhile. That’s why creating a real, creative and stimulating culture will contribute to your success.

Make sure that each employee understands your brand essence and your vision for the company. It goes way beyond just telling employees what you’re about. You’ve got to live it daily.

Remember, if your personal brand and your business brand are in alignment, it shouldn’t be hard to attract the right individuals. You want real people who are attracted to your company and what you’re trying to achieve. Now, go get ‘em!