Mentors: Paving the way to success

When you discover your passion in life, find someone who’s been successful at it—and make that person your mentor.

Are you connecting with individuals in your industry? Do you routinely meet with one or two mentors who can answer questions, provide encouragement and nurture your dreams? Make a list of possible mentors, and put them on your calendar. Then, remember to be there when someone new to the industry needs your guidance.

Freelance writer and Internet talk show host/producer Carrie Runnals lives by this tip from her father. Here’s what it means: Find someone who shares your passion, has experienced success and is willing to share what he or she knows with you. Learn all you can from that person, and when you’re successful, become a mentor to someone else. Carrie had many careers before her present one as host of the Words to Mouth Internet talk show and companion blog Web site. Through it all, she’s never been afraid to ask someone, “How do you do that?” Because the technology associated with podcasting changes rapidly, Carrie often finds herself asking more experienced professionals for assistance. In turn, she’s eager to help colleagues who are new to the industry.

Carrie Runnals learned early on that networking and mentoring are critical components to success. You, too, can connect with like-minded individuals at Share your stories, your advice and your dreams. Together, we’ll learn from each other.