Real You: New look, new website, same me

It's sort of like when you get your haircut - a big cut. It's still you under there, but it's you, well, different. That's the new! I've been working with amazing, talented people to bring together the best of what my sites have to offer, while also highlighting another path my career is taking. (And no worries - I'm still all about women entrepreneurs and you'll find all of the Real You Incorporated content at Did I tell you I have a debut novel coming out in May! Ok, maybe you've heard that from me just a couple of times recently, but it's all so exciting and new for me. And it's so fun to share with you.

To that end, one of the best parts - I think - of my new site is the chance to read the first chapter of Here, Home, Hope! Click through to the books tab and you'll find it there. Until May, that first chapter will have to do it. But, I really hope you enjoy getting to know Kelly a little bit - and I hope you'll keep coming back for more. And, as always, let me know what you think!