When the unexpected happens, don’t panic.

Every setback is an opportunity to open another door, discover another path.

Think about a major setback in your life, either personally or professionally. Now, what did you learn from this experience? Did it push you in another direction? Did it make you stronger? Reflect. What can you take away from the past?

Perhaps no one better typifies this tip than Rachel Carson. Although she loved both writing and nature, she made the decision to major in biology upon entering college. After graduation, she pursued a job with the government but was told that they didn’t hire women biologists. So, she fell back on her love of writing, and in 1962 her book, Silent Spring, exposed the dangers of pesticides. Although there were doubters, President Kennedy established a commission to investigate her claims—which eventually led to the banning of DDT. Today, she is considered the mother of the modern environmental movement. Rachel Carson did not let initial setbacks close the door to her dreams. Instead, she discovered another path, and it made an incredible difference in her life—as well as the lives of others.

If you’ve ever felt like an unexpected setback has gotten in the way of pursuing your ambitions, take heart. You’re not alone. Read the stories of other women entrepreneurs in Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs.