Keep a positive mental attitude, and never let them see you down

Remember that success and power are really nothing more than directed energy. As soon as you give mental recognition to self-doubt, that’s when the cookie crumbles. Stay positive! Make a list of the characteristics that people admire the most about you. If this seems awkward initially, ask a real friend or family member to help. After reviewing the list, are you happy with what you see? Do you need to tweak your attitude—just a bit?

Connie Spruill, one of the entrepreneurs featured in Real You Incorporated, has a great attitude. With a defining word like “spark plug,” she’s never been one to let others get the upper hand. She’s all about maintaining a positive attitude, so much so that the name of her company is Attitude Marketers International, Inc. For Connie, it hasn’t always been easy, and she has had to overcome some pretty daunting obstacles over the years. “I feel that a positive mental attitude moves one forward—always,” she says. “No matter what business I practiced, I wanted it to always market a positive attitude.” Whatever she does, whether it’s selling workforce education, financial analysis, small business services or life coaching, that positive mental attitude shines through.

You can read more about Connie Spruill and her upbeat attitude in Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs.