The waiting game . . .

In the last post I wrote about what it's like to write a book. It was an amazing process. For more, check that post.

What stage am I in now? The big waiting stage. Since submitting my final galley proofs to Wiley, my publisher, I'm pretty much on hold until Real You Incorporated is out in mid-February. My publisher is busy, though. They are doing all of the work of producing the book, and told me it should ship from the warehouse in New Jersey on January 25th. From there, booksellers who have ordered copies of the book should find it arriving in their stores. Online retailers -,,, and, could receive copies sooner.

Hopefully, your favorite online and/or real world bookstore will have the book available February 15th. It's also being distributed to Canada, the UK and Singapore, which I find very exciting. The power of women entrepreneurs is growing all around the world.

So this part of the process is similar to waiting for Christmas morning - just ask one of my kids. They'll tell you: the waiting is the hardest part! But hopefully, for them, and for me, and ultimately for you, it's worth it!

Merry Christmas!