A female friendly auto industry is our future!

In today’s world, walking into a car dealership is still like walking into the old boys club. But hopefully not for long! I just interviewed an inspiring woman, Jody DeVere, CEO of AskPatty.com. DeVere created AskPatty.com to offer automotive advice for women. It’s a site where women can shop for cars, tires and repair shops through the network of Certified Female Friendly retailers across the U.S.

A Certified Female Friendly retailer is one that has created a safe and comfortable atmosphere where women are welcome and experience is enjoyable.

In the podcast below, DeVere talks with me about how she is informing women about the industry and educating dealers and sales people on how to give women a better car buying experience and appropriately market to them. Did you know there’s a dealership offering spa services for patrons while they wait for their vehicle?

DeVere gives us the inside scoop on how the auto industry is changing…for the better. Finally!

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