Book Expo 2017: A first-timer's report

Those of you in the know in the book world already know about Book Expo, aka BEA, the world's largest gathering of book people that takes place annually, usually in New York City at the Javit's Center. And of course, I've heard all about it every year since I began this fiction writing journey in 2011. I never dreamed I'd be invited to go by my publisher, Harlequin/Graydon House! When the invite came, I was thrilled. Imagine my complete surprise when I walked into the huge convention center and saw my book cover on a six-story high banner at the entrance lobby of the expo. It was one of the most exciting moments of my career. And then, once inside the Book Expo, the Harlequin booth showcased BEST DAY EVER in the most spectacular way. It was surreal, the entire weekend. It still is.

The best part of BEA? Meeting, in person, the team working so hard to publish and promote my book. Meeting, in person, some of the book bloggers and reviewers who have supported me over the years. And meeting, in person, some of my favorite authors. There really wasn't a moment of the experience that wasn't special. I hope if you're an author, and you dream of going to BEA, you have the chance someday. I will hold the memories of this experience in my heart, forever. 

Book Signing at BEA!