Paris in the springtime - the stuff of dreams

I just returned from an amazing trip to Paris with my daughter. To say we had a magnificent time does not sum it up, but suffice it to say we both felt like we were living inside a dream the entire time we were there. We soaked up the beauty - the food, the art, the culture - and never ceased to glow along with the city of lights. Spectacular. I also had the chance to meet my French literary agent who is based in Paris. Her office overlooks the Garden du Luxembourg, one of the most beautiful parks - and former palaces - in the city. Created beginning in 1612 by Marie de 'Medici, the widow of King Henry IV of France, this was her personal palace and gardens. And now, it just brings wonder to the world. My other favorite place to spend time on Paris' Left Bank is at the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore, just across the Seine from Notre Dame. I love to imagine Hemingway and Fitzgerald wandering through the small store, imagining their books on the shelves there, knowing the original owner, an American named Sylvia Beach, had the power to make or break a writer's career. And she did. While in the store I bought a copy of HEMINGWAY IN LOVE a great book about Hemingway and his one true love, his first wife, Hadley. 

I hope your spring is off to a fabulous beginning - and that the best is yet to come. Here's a photo of me, and my French Literary Agent Victoria Villemur of the Anna Jarota Agency in Paris. THIS is all such a dream come true for me . . . 

Victoria Villemur of the Anna Jarota Agency, Paris, France
Paris in the spring