Where did the month of May go?

The last time I checked in via my blog, it was Mother’s Day, the first weekend of May. And now, it’s June. Wow! I’d love to share some of the wonderful things that happened in May. It was a great month, and I hope it was for you, too!

May 3rdThe Goodbye Year launched. And then went into a second printing. That was fun! Thank you if you bought a copy. If you haven’t, of course it isn’t too late! And while you’re at it, enter this great summer giveaway! Kate Spade beach bag and hat, The Goodbye Year, and The Admissions, by my cover blurb friend, Meg Mitchell Moore! Good luck!


May 12th: The debut of The Goodbye Year Gimlet at the Laguna Beach Books event celebrating the book! So much fun with family and friends! (We’re doing it again in Columbus, Ohio, on June 8th, sans the gimlets at the Barnes & Noble Tremont Road. Please join us!)

The Goodbye Year book launch!


May 17th: Well, that was my birthday. So yay me!!  This a photo of me with my two youngest sons and my husband! They brought me a bunch of my favorite flowers! So wonderful!

My birthday!


May 19th: The AudioBook for Laguna Nights launched, narrated by the lovely and talented Maureen Mrozek! Give it a listen if you’d like. I’m really proud of it! This is my first romance novel to be brought to life and right now, she’s working on Laguna Heights! If you’re an Audiobook fan you can also find Here, Home, Hope, All the Difference and In the Mirror as audiobooks. Just thought I’d let you know!

May 24th: My mom and my daughter share this birthday. Isn’t that cool? They’re both exceptional people and I love them  so much! My daughter is working hard on a movie in Hollywood, so we took the party to her, eating at her favorite restaurant: Crossroad Kitchen. Guess who else was there? Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. That was cool, but my daughter is cooler ;-).

My daughter

My daughter


May 27th: My husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. Talk about time flying! This is a photo of us at our wedding reception.

26 years ago


May 31st: THE BEST DAY EVER!! I can’t tell you everything yet, but I received an email from the publisher of my romance novels and The Trouble with Christmas is being considered for a TV movie! Can you believe that?? Yes, it’s a huge long shot, but it’s so fun to dream. Then another GREAT thing happened – still top secret. Next, book blogger Courtney with Bliss, Beauty and Books sent me a make-up bag of The Goodbye Year!! And then, my elementary school librarian, Mrs. Gardier, who is now 85, reached out to say she loves my books and is proud of me. Well, day made.

I can’t wait for June to unfold!! I hope you are having a great month so far!!