It's all entertainment!

My friends are launching a cool paper plate company and asked me to be one of their spokes-plate models! So of course, I said yes and the next thing you know, I was setting a fabulous table with Sophistiplate and imagining all of the beautiful holiday tables my mom created when we were kids, and that hopefully, I have created for my family. Entertaining at your home, over a meal, is an art, it is. These curated plates will make it a bit easier, but it still there is a lot of effort involved. And hopefully, good memories at the end of the meal, and to last a lifetime.

Books of course are entertainment. Sure, they come in all types and genres but at the end of the day an author's goal is to sweep you up into her curated world and not let you go until THE END. Paintings sweep you into a canvas just as music at a concert transports you, heart and mind. 

We're blessed to live in a world filled with beauty and entertainment, where we can be swept away during a Broadway play or during a walk in nature. This holiday season take note of all the entertainment around you - and thank yourself for adding to the joy in everything you do. As for me, I'll surround myself with books - and hopefully write a couple you will enjoy, too.

"Books are a uniquely portable magic." ~ Stephen King