Happy October

IMG_0192 IMG_0194 Season changes always make me feel retrospective, how about you? Especially abrupt changes. Yesterday, I travelled from 90-degrees and sunny Tampa, Florida, to 50-degrees and raining Boston. In the blink of a three hour flight, I'd arrived in heavy fall. I'm settling in for a long, cool weekend in Boston.

It's Family Weekend for my son's college and we'll be busy. We'll be bundled up and reconnecting in that awkward and wonderful way that you do when it's the first visit with your college freshman. It has only been 29 days since we dropped him off - and yes, I'm counting - but it seemed like forever, and yesterday at the same time. But now I'm with him, or about to be when he arrives at my hotel, and it's a happy start to my October.

Hope your weekend is great, too.