Thinking about all things Thanksgiving

But it's hard, because I'm being bombarded by Christmas. Songs, decorations, advertising, everything. I love the holidays, each, in order, but lately, it feels as if Thanksgiving is being completely squeezed out. So, I hope you'll join me in a little crusade to think about Thanksgiving. It's time for an attitude of gratitude. So between now, and Turkey Day, try to be extra thankful for everything in your life. Start with you. Look at yourself in the mirror, and smile. Be thankful for the person looking back at you.

Extend your thanks to your friends and family.  Tell someone you love that you do. Do it now.

You know all of those people who make your life a little easier everyday? Tell them thanks. Look them in the eye and mean it.

Have you volunteered lately? Directly helping another human being who you don't know, who happens to be down on her luck will always impact your heart and soul. That's not the reason to do it, of course, but when you do give back you are the one who will receive.

Thanksgiving blessings abound. Spend your time between now and then making sure you notice them all.

Be thankful today