It's that time of year. Anticipation is in the air. Some of us watch and marvel at the first buds of spring, anticipating the glorious flowers to appear.

purple flower

Others, like my high school son, anxiously await spring break to arrive this Friday.

It's of course, the time for Easter and Passover.

And for many authors, it's the time when new books are released. Including mine. I was trying to explain the feeling I have inside, the anxiety surrounding a new release and it's hard to explain to someone who isn't in the creative field. But for those of us who are, you get it. It's unveiling the work of art for the first time, playing your new song in front of a live crowd for the first time, that butterfly inducing, fingernail biting feeling.  And sure, reviews are already appearing, so I'm already getting accustomed to the good - and the not so good - that my newest creation is attracting. All I can hope is that on May 1st, when IN THE MIRROR is officially released,  the good reviews outnumber the bad and that like a bright field of flowers, my words will touch some readers' hearts.

That makes the anticipation and the work, worth it!

PS: This helps, too. Check out what Kirkus, Foreword, and the US Review of Books have to say about my newest baby, IN THE MIRROR!