Real You: The long haul

That's what I'm reminding myself as I sit down to write this post - finally - after a several-month-long writer's block. It's about the long haul, the sum total of what you've done to make a difference in the world, and not about any one period of muck. Or drought. Or in my case, a flood, followed by a move, followed by a huge asthma attack due to the sealant used on the roads in my neighborhood, followed by a massive construction project RIGHT NEXT STORE that has been in full force every day since we moved into the new house at the beginning of April, just after the flood in our new home. How's that for a sentence? To me, it felt good to finally write because during this time, this time of unsettlement, I haven't been able to write, at least not very much. And that, as my fellow writers and creatives will tell you, is THE WORST. I don't know if the final "pass" from editor after editor who I respect regarding my next novel added to my funk. My amazing agent Amanda still has hope, still believes in me and my career for the long haul.

I guess what is just below the surface of this period of time has been the question: Do I still believe in me? In my writing. In this career, the career of my dreams. And until the answer is yes, a firm resounding yes, it's hard to get yourself to do it.

And that goes for everything that requires self-motivation, drive and perseverance. No matter what, you've got to keep at it. Hurdles, and writer's block, are for jumping. For overcoming and for getting through. Because if not, you're just giving up. And you're worth more than that.

And so am I, darn it. Happy Fall. And happy creating!


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