Tanya Baker

 "She’s an efficient self-starter who has the ability to work well on her own.


The Wow Factor

Tanya is clearly motivated by what she can do for her clients. Since she works with meeting and event planners within an organization who may not have the time, knowledge or interest to negotiate the best hotel contracts, she is able to wow them with her expertise. “My clients frequently stumble onto me, reluctantly give me a chance and then have their hair blown back by what I deliver!” she says. “I frequently get one- or two-word email responses that say, ‘You rock’ or ‘Marvelous’ as they see me in action getting their best interest negotiated.”

Sure, the money Tanya makes is a factor, but it’s not enough to qualify as the sole motivator. Instead, it’s the thrill of the hunt, the give-and-take and the gentle banter focused on nailing down the business. It’s what keeps her awake until 2 a.m., working in her home office.

Making it Work for You

Tanya believes that one of the biggest benefits of running your own business is that you control the workload. At a time when she wanted to be able to spend more time with her children, ages 7 and 4 ½, she chose entrepreneurship. “I see other women stress themselves out trying to balance work, childcare and wifely activities, only to find themselves a basket-case a few years later,” she says. “Find something that works with and improves your desired lifestyle—and don’t accept unbearable sacrifice.”

Tanya has clearly found what works for her. Now that she controls her work schedule and business load, she no longer feels conflicted between work and home life. “I am very happy with my choices,” she adds. “I believe that you have to see the valley before you can climb the mountain, so even though I wish I would have gone independent sooner, I realize that I had to experience frustration before I was ready to make the key jump.”

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