Sonya Overstreet

sonyaOverstreet_smallFor years Sonya Overstreet dreamed of being a voice-over artist. In her early teens, she used her “voice-over” voice to read movie listings, real estate ads, fashion catalog descriptions and just about anything she could find. Years passed before she decided to pursue her dream, but the first time she recorded her voice in a professional studio, she felt right at home. “I’ve found a new passion,” she said at that time. Today, Sonya is the owner and voice-over talent for Vision Voice, a business that provides professional and affordable voice-over services. Sonya’s dream to use her voice-over talent as a way to help business owners bring their vision to life is born out of her belief that all business owners want a successful and prosperous business. “I started to think how visions become realities,” she said. “A vision begins in your head and in your heart. But for a vision to take shape, it needs to be communicated through words and actions.” Now the company tagline says it all: The voice that brings vision to life.

While Sonya is busy living out her dream, she warns other potential entrepreneurs not to procrastinate. Instead, set a date and go for it, she says. “Everything I have achieved and will achieve begins with me setting a date to take the first step,” she explains. “I dreamed about launching my company for years, but that was all I did because I was busy chasing down other goals. Then I decided to make my dream a reality, so I set a firm date to begin.”

You, too, can get started with the business dream you’ve been postponing. Don’t wait another moment. Instead, learn more about Sonya in the questions and answers that follow. Let her story be an inspiration to transform your own vision for entrepreneurship into a reality.

What talent do you wish you had? Sonya: I wish I could sing in a way that would touch people’s hearts. If you hosted a dinner party and could invite any three individuals, who would you invite, and why? Sonya: Apostle Paul because he fought a good fight; he finished his course; and he kept the faith. Harriet Tubman because she was determined to be free and see others free. And I’d also choose George Washington because he was the first president of our great nation. What’s the best book you ever read—and why? Sonya: Jane Eyre. I love the book so much because Jane’s life was not easy, but through it all she never strayed from her core values, even against great temptation. She made some heart-wrenching decisions to avoid temptation and be true to herself, and in the end, she was rewarded with a happy and wonderful life.