Rachel Anne Mazur

RachelMazur_smallFull of energy, she leads a balanced life.

We’re talking about Rachel Anne Mazur, CEO of DASCO Home Medical Equipment in Westerville, Ohio. Her father started the family-owned business in 1987, but Rachel spent some time working for a similar company in New Hampshire before joining her dad. That’s when she discovered her passion for the industry, and it’s the reason she returned home to learn the family business. “One day it hit me: Why work for someone else?” she recalls.

With an Attitude

With 102 employees on board, hiring is a big part of Rachel’s job description. And the most important quality she looks for in a new employee is attitude. That’s no surprise considering that DASCO is a high-energy, fun place to work where associates have positive attitudes—and a sincere passion for helping people. Rachel best describes it like this: “We look like a seeing-eye dog, watching out for our customers’ best interests while having a great time living in the moment.”

Maintaining the Balance

In addition to running the family business, Rachel rates hanging out with friends and family as a high priority. She and her husband Matt have an 18-month-old daughter, Seeley Ellen. As of this writing, the couple was anticipating the birth of their second child (gender unknown). So, it’s pretty clear why maintaining a balanced life is job number-one for Rachel. It’s why she believes so strongly in having a passion for what you do, and why she suggests writing your own job description based on what you really enjoy doing. “I don’t ever want to resent our company because I couldn’t figure out a way to keep my life balanced,” she says. Rachel maintains balance in her life by being real. She is able to define her passions, and she surrounds herself with the real people in her life. Together, they build both business and family.

You, too, can sustain balance in your life. Begin by reading Real Fact #2 in Real You Incorporated: Define your passions.