Lisa Cini

She’s a problem-solver who’s passionate about design.

lisaCini_smallWe’re talking about Lisa Cini, owner of Mosaic Design Studio in Columbus, Ohio. Formerly the interior design director at Karrington Health, Lisa’s business now encompasses commercial interior design and project management, with clients in long-term care, hospitality, healthcare, restaurant and corporate. But becoming an entrepreneur was not her idea, she insists. “I was more or less presented with an opportunity that I would have been foolish to refuse,” she says. “The timing, access, funding and mentoring were all aligned—so I jumped!”

Discovering Her Brand

Leave it to a creative designer to have a keen sense of brand identity. From the get-go, Lisa knew that her mission was to improve quality of life by design. She chose “Mosaic” for her company name because it’s one of the oldest sustainable art forms in history, and it’s the combination of other elements that, when arranged properly, become a work of art. That’s why she says: “Mosaic is where all the elements of design come together.”

On The Street

If Mosaic Design Studio walked down the street, what would it look like personified? A head turner, to be sure. Clothed in a black, fashionable suit with European styling, there would be no mistaking the sophistication of this brand. This is the kind of ensemble that you just know is hand-tailored—and not even the smallest detail is overlooked. In fact, this unique package would undoubtedly cause passersby to stop and take notice, perhaps even asking: Where did it come from, and how do I get one?

Today, Mosaic boasts a clear brand essence, characterized by a passion for serving clients and the ability to solve problems. Cini and her team get a great deal of satisfaction from providing their clients with a high level of service. It’s the reason for their success.

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