Linda Kick

lindaKick_smallBased in Dublin, Ohio, Our CupCakery is the brainchild of Linda Kick, a former teacher who left education to pursue her passion for baking. Our CupCakery began as a custom cake, cookie and cupcake business, catering to weddings, birthdays and other special events. Then in 2006, Linda introduced the idea of a retail cupcake bar where customers can decorate their own cupcake masterpieces to go. More recently, she expanded even further by adding classes, parties and camps, which are really more opportunities to enjoy delicious desserts with friends. Today, visitors to the cupcake bar can witness great-tasting treats and a kitchen overflowing with activity. Says Linda: “If you’re in need of something sweet, Our CupCakery is the place to create, order—and eat!But make no mistake. Linda is an astute businesswoman and entrepreneur. Inquisitive by nature, she is motivated to try new things, and she is committed to providing products and services that exceed customer expectations. Quite simply, she wants to put a smile on people’s faces. Linda also knows that pursuing your passions is one of the keys to success. “Identify what you love to do,” she says. “Turn your avocation into a vocation, and you’ll never ‘work’ another day.” According to Linda, it all started with the Easy-Bake Oven she received as a child. That’s what introduced her to baking, and through the years she often referred to herself as a closet baker. That’s why she views Our CupCakery as a dream-turned-reality, and she greets every day with the excitement of marketing her business. Catch a little bit of Linda’s contagious enthusiasm. Begin by learning more about her in the questions and answers that follow:

If you hosted a dinner party and could invite any three individuals, who would you invite—and why? Linda: My father, William Bishop. A man with barely a high-school diploma and legally blind in one eye, he is my hero. He was a true entrepreneur and built his own business for 45 years. He passed away three years ago, and I’d like to hear him say again: “So, how’s the cake business, honey?” I’d also invite Frank Sinatra to hear him sing “My Way,” and finally, Warren Buffett to pitch my business model and get his opinion about whether it is franchise-able. What song would most likely make you sing out loud? Why? Linda: “I’m Proud to be an American” because it always gives me chills when I hear it. We are so fortunate to live in a country where women can make their own path in life. What talent do you wish you had? Linda: To be able to spell really well. What is the best piece of advice you ever received from another woman? Linda: Go to a college with a world-wide reputation. I chose Cornell University and Johns Hopkins University. lindaKick_chart