Debba Haupert

debbaHaupert_smallDebba Haupert didn’t have to go far to establish the idea for Girlfriendology.  It started with a blog she created to show appreciation for one of her girlfriends. That, in turn, prompted Debba to research the topic, which reinforced what she already knew—that girlfriends make women happier, healthier and less stressed. She also learned that girlfriends increase longevity and make women feel more beautiful. This confirmed the goal of the site: to make the world a better place, one girlfriendship at a time. Today, is an online community for women based on female friendship. It is designed to inspire women through semi-weekly podcast interviews with amazing women. The site also features shopping, reviews, blogs and more. The entire endeavor is a reflection of Debba’s passions for marketing, learning and friends. “The creative process of writing, finding images to support the story and finding products to offer girlfriends to give as gifts is a joy every day,” says Debba. “I love posting new blogs and offering cool girlfriend gifts; I enjoy connecting women through contests and reviews; and I am humbled by the wonderful girlfriend stories that are shared with me for our contest and through the site.” Debba takes the girlfriend concept a step further by participating in a California-based charity called The Girlfriend Factor. This nonprofit organization raises money to support women who are returning to school later in life. Debba loves that the organization goes beyond simply writing a check for the recipients to the point of getting involved at various levels. “They stay in touch and basically become girlfriends with these women,” she says. Finally, like so many women entrepreneurs, Debba is following her passion. “I feel strongly that the power of female friendship can change the world,” she says. “Men and children look to women for tending, as do other women. So, if we take care of women, we take care of everyone.” Want to learn more about girlfriend Debba Haupert? Read on.

What three things are in your handbag that you can’t do without? Debba: Lipstick, cell phone and business cards (I only carry a little purse!)

What song would most likely make you sing out loud, and why? Debba: There are several contemporary gospel songs that make me sing LOUD and even wave my hands—when no one else is in the car. Someone even waved back at me once. I think my childhood in the South and listening to Mahalia Jackson has something to do with it!

What is your dream vacation? Debba: My dream vacation is exploring Europe. I love London and Paris and would be thrilled to spend time in Europe visiting large and little towns. My creative energy is heightened, and when traveling, I notice little things people do and how they smile. I wonder how things work and how people there live. I even get inspired just walking through markets, riding the ‘tube” and spending time in airports. I love the energy and the power of “time travel” to locations totally different within a few hours time. debbaHaupert_chart