Bernice Ross

berniceRoss_smallShe loves the freedom of entrepreneurship—the ability to innovate and set her own course.

We’re talking about Bernice Ross, CEO and founder of, a virtual company that provides real-estate training, coaching and consulting for Realtors®. Ross is also a nationally syndicated real estate columnist for Inman News and the author of three books, including Real Estate Dough: The Recipe for Real Estate Success, due out mid-2008. To represent the new book and a new series of products, Ross recently changed the company tag line to:—the Place You Go to Make Real Estate Dough. There’s no doubt she’s passionate about helping Realtors® grow their business.

Clear Vision

Every business needs a vision statement, and for Ross that was the easy part. She’s crystal clear about her company’s mission: is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality coaching, training and consulting services in the real estate industry in order to optimize, inspire and enrich both their personal and business lives. This vision statement brings her goals into focus for everyone to see—and that’s a must for the Realtors® who sign up for her services.

Entrepreneurial Freedom

Like so many others, Ross chose to become an entrepreneur primarily because there are no restrictions. “I love the freedom of setting my own course and being able to innovate without working through the bureaucracy that exists in many organizations,” she says. For creative and inspiring women like Ross, it’s the only way to do business. Ross is passionate about researching innovations and meeting people who are doing new and exciting things. That enthusiasm—that zeal—is then transferred to her work—and the ways in which she helps others. Today, with a new book on the horizon, Ross is more excited than ever. “I love the opportunity to interact with the best and most innovative people in the real estate industry,” she says. “However, the best part is helping someone improve their business so they can better help the people they serve.” To learn more about creating your vision statement, read Life Lesson 9 in Real You Incorporated. berniceRoss_chart