Real You: The power of patience

I've joined a meditation class. I was reluctant initially because I didn't understand that there is an entire methodology behind the practice of meditation. It's not about chanting, or some other "out there" sort of new age thing, as my youngest assumes. (He'll learn.) It's the art of opening and emptying your mind and being still. It's a place inside yourself free of judgment and full of love, devoid of technology and abounding in possibilities. It's a hard place to find, but it's wonderful to learn. To practice. And to practice patience.  

Oh, and it was good timing when I started the meditation class. My third novel is on submission with my agent and the waiting, this next step of waiting in the publishing process, is enough to drive anybody crazy. (Breathe.) My son is waiting to hear from colleges to discover where he'll spend the next four years of his life. (Breathe.) Our new home was just about ready for us to move in when it was flooded by a sub-contractor's misstep. Literally, he stepped on and broke a main water line. (Breathe.)

Whatever is trying your patience today, perhaps you should give meditation a try. The studio that opened in my town is part of a growing wave of meditation studios opening up - and opening minds - nationwide.

"Have patience with all things. But first, have patience with yourself." Saint Frances de Sales