Real You: A moving experience

We all have certain talents - and certain, shall we say, challenges. Well, I'll readily admit one of my biggest deficits is organization - or lack thereof! So, the fact we've moved as a family four times since the fall of 2009 is remarkable. Remarkable that we've stuck together and remarkable that I can find anything, anywhere. And, why am I writing about this you ask? We're moving AGAIN! So with the impending, looming process I thought I'd take a moment to share the top five things I've learned during my last four years of a very moving experience:

Lesson 1: You cannot control anything. You can plan, make checklists, plan some more - but when the big day comes, it arrives with all the mistakes, broken dishes and chipped treasures that are part of being human.

Lesson 2: Moving is a great time for reflection. I have so loved seeing my kids' artwork, finding favorite notecards and re-reading letters from my grandmothers and great aunts. But, I also learned you can get bogged down in memories and somewhat stuck in the past, especially if you are a sentimental soul. My new found trick: put special treasures in a tub and promise yourself to give yourself time to delve into them again later. And keep that date.

Lesson 3: Let it go. Downsize before you move. I'm not kidding. If you force yourself to giveaway and let go of stuff and junk ahead of time - you know those boxes of stuff that hasn't been open for years. Trust me. You'll just keep it in boxes again and move it again.

Lesson 4: Take photos. Really. Of your place now, every room, the way we were. It's important. You'll love to look back on it later. Your former space and place.

Lesson 5: Every move has brought us closer together and helped us all focus on what is truly important. Your family. If that's happy, solid and good - you can go anywhere together. Everything else is added blessing.

If you're moving anytime soon - I hope these lessons bring you comfort and hope!