Real You: Transitions

Labor Day weekend is such a bitter-sweet time, at least for me. I find myself lamenting the upcoming structures of fall and winter. With the kids' school and sports and activities schedule back in full swing in less than a week, those sweet sleep-in days of summer will be just a memory.But, with every seasonal transition comes that time for growth and renewal. It's also a great time for me to recommit to projects I've pushed aside and to reconnect with friends. It's also - ironically - when my book tour begins for my latest novel, ALL THE DIFFERENCE. And that is exciting! I'll post the tour soon, but here I come Columbus (September 20th), Cincinnati (September 21st) and Laguna Beach (September 30th).

Transitions are tough sometimes. Make sure you have things to look forward to - like a book tour, or a new project. And, happy September!