Real You: The 7-7-7 Challenge! How fun!

I was tagged by the delightful author Cathleen Holst to participate in the 7-7-7 Challenge which gives readers a sneak peek at some of their favorite authors' latest works! Here are the rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your work-in-progress or latest book. 2. Count down 7 lines. 3. Copy 7 sentences that follow and post them. 4. Tag 7 other authors

Here are the seven lines from page 77 of ALL THE DIFFERENCE:

"Lyle, Janet called." "Cool. Is she OK?" "She's fine." "So great. I'm sort of in the middle of something, um, do you want me to call you back later or -" Maddie hung up on him, imagining him turning his attention back to whatever was more important than her.

"Lyle has the depth of a rock. A flat skipping rock," Maddie said to Ellen, who answered Francis's line. "Forget about Lyle. Tell me more about Janet. When did she call you? Are you sure she wants us to visit?"

And to complete the challenge, here are my seven lucky authors!

Amy Hatvany Jenna Blum Beth Hoffman Katrina Kittle Claire Cook Talli Roland Melissa Foster