Real You: What makes all the difference to you?

It's funny, the title of my new novel ALL THE DIFFERENCE has been set for years - yes, the years it takes to write, query, face rejection, re-write, more rejection, and well, you get it - but my titles typically don't change. In fact, often when I'm beginning a novel that's all I have. The title and a vague sense of the characters. So I guess, you could say, for my writing life, what makes all the difference is a title. It sets the pace for the rest of the book. What makes all the difference in my life? Well, there are so many answers of course but mostly it's the people. And especially lately, friends.

And that's who I've dedicated this novel to - my friends, because you do make all the difference. Whether we've only met online, through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Goodreads, or we've been friends since childhood, those connections and relationships mean the world to me.

Since we moved to a new community in Thanksgiving, I've had the chance to rely on many of you for support and encouragement, virtually and cellularly. It's lonely to be the new kid in town, even if you're a grown up. And now, I feel as if I've started to make new friends in this new town. That warms my heart.

So now you know what makes all the difference to me. How about you?