Real You: Are you pinning yet?

I have to admit - I'm hooked on Pinterest. I bet, if you try it, you will be, too. It's such a fun way to visualize your dreams, share quotes, favorite things, and still connect. What Pinterest offers is a a lot of smiles, and a huge opportunity to spend/waste more time online, if you look at it that way.What it also offers is a business opportunity. For your personal brand. For your product or service, whether it's books or cupcakes, consulting or jewelry. For each of my books, I've pinned story clues, character profiles, and more. For my upcoming release, ALL THE DIFFERENCE, I've had fun pinning Ellen's good luck sea beans and Francis' favorite product, Squeaky Clean Soap. The possibilities are endless, and I smile as I bring my characters to life visually.

Think about it and then, if you haven't, start exploring Pinterest.

I bet you'll be hooked, too! And hopefully, you'll want to read ALL THE DIFFERENCE, too! Happy pinning!