Real You: The Power of Putting the Real You in your Business

Knowing who you are and where you're headed is important for you and your business. That's the topic I shared with Dr. Shannon Reece today as part of her 12 Days of Experts series for women entrepreneurs. I had a great time talking to Shannon via Skype - she's really good at these interviews! I'm not. I kept looking at her face on the screen instead of looking at the tiny camera eye on my laptop. BUT aside from that, I think you'll find the content we shared - as well as the amazing content shared by the other experts - worth a listen! And, today, if you leave a comment, you could win a free copy of my book, Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs. Click here to watch the video! Enter the contest today!

So take a listen (try not to make fun of me looking in the wrong place) and remember to keep putting the Real You in everything you do!