Real You: Author Interview! Meet Geraldine Solon

I met Geraldine through the WoMen's Literary Cafe and have enjoyed the warmth of virtual friendship ever since! If you haven't heard of her yet, here's your chance to meet this wonderful author! Tell us about your novel, Chocolicious.  It's a book about love, loss and a mother’s sacrifice. I was craving a rich-filled,  three-layered chocolate cupcake when a vision of a woman in distress flashed  through my mind. As the story began to unfold, I knew that chocolate had to play a significant role to the novel.  It took me three months to finish my first draft, another month to write down notes and complete my second draft.  I sent it to my editor to edit, then it took me another month to do some rewrites and finalize her edits.  The whole process took six months.

Tell us about your other work: My first book, Love Letters, is a Romance novel about second chances. I just finished my third novel, The Assignment, which is about love, betrayal and forgiveness. My editor is editing the book now and I hope to release it by early next year.

Where can readers connect with you? 

On Facebook, Twitter or my website at: