Real You: Author Interview! Meet Emerald Barnes!

I'm so excited to welcome Emerald Barnes to my blog! And now, you'll have a chance to learn a little bit more about this novella author! Besides writing, what are your other passions/hobbies? Spending time with my nieces and nephew! I have two beautiful nieces and one handsome nephew! My sister just found out she’s going to have another baby, so I’ll be an aunt for the fourth time and I just love spending time with those little guys! I also love reading and watching my favorite TV shows when I need some down time from my busy days. What is your favorite season? Why? No doubt it would be fall. I love the color the leaves turn, driving down the road and the dead leaves flying about my car, and the smell of the crisp morning air chilled by the incoming cool weather.

How long have your been writing? It started as more of a hobby, but after I decided to not be an English teacher at university, I set my goal on writer, and I have been focused on making it a dream come true ever since. I write when I have time. Mostly, I grab a few minutes here and there during the day or at night when I don’t have everything else going on, but I try to aim for at least 1000-2000 word count each day, but that doesn’t mean I ever make it. Nor do I beat myself up for not reaching that goal. As long as I manage a sentence or paragraph a day, I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished. Is there some place special you like to be when you write? I usually write sitting in my recliner. It’s not special but comfortable. Tell us about your novella? My novella is Piercing Through the Darkness. There will be a sequel since my readers want more of the story, but it’s not going to be a series. The sequel will finish everything off. The idea originated from an idea I had about a girl being attacked but not knowing the reason why. After sitting in my psychology class in college while we were studying hypnotism and repressed memories, I wrote a short story involving the two, and since I wanted more, I wrote a novella. It is about my characters figuratively trying to fight their way out of the darkness. Kandi’s mind has repressed memories of a tragic accident, and she has no idea why her college Biology teacher, who was a victim of the accident, hates her. She’s trying to figure out what she did and why Jonathan Chandler hates her. Do you have any upcoming projects in the works or other books that have been published? I have upcoming projects but nothing other than short stories published. I am working on Lighting the Darkness, the sequel to Piercing through the Darkness. Also, I have a YA suspense/thriller novel in editing stages, as well as the first book of a paranormal/fantasy novel entering the editing stage.

To connect with Emerald, find her on Twitter and on her website!