Real You: Author Interview! Meet D.L. Sparks!

Yippee! Another author interview on my blog. This time, please meet author DL Sparks! She's also part of the Holiday Sirens promotion. Take it away, D.L.!

Tell us a bit about yourself: Besides writing, what are your other passions/hobbies?  I love to read and enjoy going to the movies. I love anything that will allow me to escape the “real world” just for a little while.

Describe yourself in one word:  Resilient

What is your favorite season? Spring. It represents a times of renewal and shedding of old things.

Tell us about your writing:  I have been writing for a little over three years.  It started out as a hobby and I believe because of my love of reading it naturally evolved into a passion for writing. I usually write when the mood strikes so it can be anytime and for any length of time. Sometimes I will get an idea for a scene I have to hammer out and be at my computer for hours and other times it may just be some dialogue or plot points I need to jot down and I’m up and done.

I don’t really have a “special” place to write. Right now my laptop is dead but when it wasn’t I would power it up and wherever I was that’s where I would write. Now I’m forced to stay in my office at my desktop. I feel like a prisoner at times but I do get a lot more work done! I can’t write without my music and the television on. LOL! Complete silence drives me nuts. I need both sides of my brain occupied when I’m writing or I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing. I know that sounds weird but I’ve always been like that. Even in school and college when I would study I always had something going on in the background.

Tell us about your book: The title is BETWEEN FRIENDS. It is a stand alone book. I played around with it being a part of a series but it took on a life of its own. It definitely does well as a stand alone. I do see these characters, however, showing up again at some point.

I have always loved law enforcement and I wanted to do a story that showed the side that most don’t get to see, the side that is revealed when the gun and badge are put away for the evening. The idea to follow these three friends through grade school to college, subsequently having the main character Trip Spencer become a DEA agent and Lincoln Briscoe an Atlanta Police officer was a way of adding tension to the plot of the romantic side of the story. People do crazy things for love including putting their careers at stake. Lincoln and Trip have been at odds since college and the animosity between DEA taking over and APD case, HIS APD case added great tension and was extremely fun to write.

It took me a total of about eight months to write the book’s first draft and another 3-4 for edits. I did a lot of research with the DEA agency and Atlanta Police Department here in Atlanta because I wanted this to ring as true to form as possible.

What is it about? A huge multi-million dollar drug bust brings D.E.A. agent ORLANDO “TRIP” SPENCER back to his hometown after being gone for several years and he’s not the only one unhappy about the return home. IDALIS ARRINGTON and Trip have been best friends since they were little. Nothing or nobody could come between them growing up, that’s until she meets Lincoln in college. With Trip back in Atlanta Idalis’ perfect world starts to get messy a little messy and she finds herself praying that his visit is a short one until a family tragedy pushes the two closer together. But the question is can she hold it together or will the sound of the skeletons in her own closet drown out what she’s convinced herself has been the truth all these years? LINCOLN  BRISCOE is a Lieutenant with the Atlanta Police Department and knows he has a lot at stake with his girlfriend’s best friend  back in town but he refuses to let anyone, especially agent Spencer, jeopardize the life he’s worked so hard to build with Idalis.

Your other work: My first book THE LIES THAT BIND is also available on as well. I am currently working on my next romantic crime suspense novel but I don’t have a title for that one yet.

Readers can find me all over the internet. I am on  Facebook at: and on  Twitter @dlsparks and my website at My books are available everywhere online.