Real You: Getting started, staying motivated

     So here I sit. My debut novel Here, Home, Hope has been in the world for four months. It's been going great - but in the marketing and book tour push I've been single-mindedly focused on, I've been neglecting my passion. Writing.      So I need to get started. Get back to it. Sure, since the publication of Real You Incorporated, I spend a lot of my time motivating others to pursue their passion and get going. I love working with entrepreneurs and I truly believe we need to be the country where everybody is starting something. That's the magic of our history. Anything is possible if you are a doer. You can never dream too big or set your sights too high. Not here. Not now.

     The hardest person to get to hear that advice? You guessed it - me. So, today I'm giving myself a big shove and I'm jumping into the story that's been following me around all summer, well, actually, for a long time. I'm starting.

     How about you? Is it time to get going? Happy sailing.

"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." ~ Andre Gide