Real You: Heading to Hollywood Tonight

Really, I am. Tonight I'm doing a signing and reading of HERE, HOME, HOPE in Larchmont Village - very close to Hollywood.

Which got me thinking about the town where dreams are made...which then got me thinking about dreams coming true. All those years ago, when I dreamed of seeing a novel of mine on a bookstore shelf, I never dreamed that I'd be in Hollywood for a book signing! I know, I'm showing my Midwestern sensibilities here, but pinch me, please!

So if you cannot make it to Chevalier's Books tonight, imagine me, with a huge grin, soaking it all in. These are those moments when I thank God for all my blessings. And I thank you for supporting me.

And if your dreams still haven't yet come true, don't give up. Your pinchable moment is on the horizon. Keep believing!