Real You: A Mother's Day

     This week has been a whirlwind of activity. It was the week of the launch of my dream, my first novel, HERE, HOME, HOPE. The best part of the week has been the support of friends like you, online and off, who have talked, blogged, purchased, attended readings and supported me. Amazing. I'm still pinching myself.      But that's not all. My editor asked a while back if I had written a short story ~ and I had one, but I hadn't shared it. The story is about the different stages of motherhood - told from the point of view of three mothers who each experience the same, life-altering event. It's the story of their reactions, and by reflection, the love each of them has for her son.

     That love, the love of a mother and a son, is at the heart of the A MOTHER'S DAY. And it's at the heart of my life. I have three sons, each as unique, perfect and special as he could be. They are amazing. And as I watch them grow into young men, I marvel. (I also have a daughter I adore, but that's for another story, another post.)

     I hope if you are a mother that you have the most amazing Mother's Day ever. And, if you're looking for a quick read on your new Kindle, I'd love if if you'd consider A MOTHER'S DAY.