Real You: The 5 components of reinvention

     Both of my books have been about the process of reinvention. In REAL YOU INCORPORATED, I walk women entrepreneurs through and 8-step process to put their passions into action and redefine their personal brands to create a unique business brand. Meanwhile, in HERE, HOME, HOPE, Kelly Johnson - the protagonist - is restless, not unhappy but not in touch with her passions. She devises a midlife makeover plan with the help of a Things to Change list.      Which leads me to the five common components of reinvention - whether you're changing your life, or just a piece of it. You need:

1. Resilience. Stick to it. Go for it. Overcome the hurdles.

2. Flexibility. Go with the flow. Open up to change. Do one thing everyday that scares you.

3. Creativity. Find your passions. Ignite them. Creativity is intelligence having fun.

4. Put the Real You in your life. Be self focused for a change. If you aren't happy, no one you love is happy.

5. Purpose. Have a higher calling. Give back. Lift someone else up and you lift yourself.