Real You: The social media allure

I'll admit it. I'm hooked on Twitter and Facebook. And I'm there, almost too often. But in my defense, I love it out there. Yesterday, I discovered the Women Entrepreneur Festival taking place in New York and on the hashtag #wefestival. Following the tweets, I was almost in the room. It was so inspiring. Meanwhile, on Facebook, I watch my high school and college friends' children grow, share in their accomplishments and meet new friends with shared interests - from all over the world. I've also started my first ever fan page and it's almost silly how joyful I become when another person "Like"s my Kaira Rouda Books page. (Sally Fields, anyone?)

I've found folks to be either all in or completely disdainful when it comes to social media. And what I will say, to those who remain in disdain, try LinkedIn. It's like sticking your toe in the water. Move on from there.

As I wrote in Real You Incorporated, the real world really is on online; and you should join the fun.