Real You: The difference

What is your brand's difference? Your unique, authentic differentiation? Do you have one? Of course. It's you. You are your personal and business brand's unique competitive advantage, but often we don't articulate our differnce clearly. Obviously. Proudly.
Why? It's easier to hide. It's a lot easier to appear corporate, "professional". To blend in - to not attract attention. To play it safe. But why? Don't allow your personal or business brand to be more of the same.
All of the great brands in the world are unique. They stand for something. They have personality. I'm writing this from the seat on a Virgin America flight. Their staff is spunky, their planes are clean. They are different. It feels different to be on one of their flights. Richard Branson is different. He stands out. He's a personality and a defined personal brand.
Can you and your business say the same? If not, you're just blending in. And blending in is never good for business. Stand for something. Shine. Put the Real You in your business and in your life.