Real You: What 'no' means

Has someone told you 'no' lately?
When you're pursuing your dreams and stepping into your power and going for it, it's tough to face. Especially if you're asking for a favor, especially if you're asking for a favor from a woman you admire. But what you have to remember - even if someone you'd like to have be your mentor says no, or even if a co-worker won't cover for you, or even if you really need the help on your charity board - you have to respect the other person's ability to set boundaries for herself.
Give her the benefit of the doubt. Try to understand her no to you is nothing personal. In fact, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with her and her life. Accept it. Appreciate it. And move on.
Life's too short to question other people's motivations. If a NO comes your way, especially if it's regarding something close to your heart, take it in stride. Don't let it hurt your soul, allow the experience to help make you stronger.
And remember to celebrate the next YES even more!